Teleconference Support Materials

The limits of checklists: handoff and narrative thinking [File Size: 159.40 KB] (02-April-2014)

Implementation of Resilience Engineering in Health Care [File Size: 1.18 MB] (25-September-2014)

Background Material to support the Resilience Learning Network Teleconference presentation by Elizabeth Lay, Matthieu Branlat and Zachary Woods (September 25, 2014) -- Implementation of Resilience Engineering in Health Care: Parallels from the Maintenance World

Without A Plan_Van Stralen [File Size: 2.42 MB] (14-July-2016)

Practical Resilience: Misapplication of an Important Concept [File Size: 1.98 MB] (15-August-2016)

Material to support Teleconference on September 8 2016

Support for ICU Resilience [File Size: 3.18 MB] (05-October-2016)

PowerPoint presentation to support the Resilience Teleconference on Thursday October 13, 2016 where Christopher Nemeth will speak about a Cognitive Systems Engineering Approach to build adaptive capacity in the Intensive Care Unit

Resilience Learning Network January 19 2017 [File Size: 8.03 MB] (19-January-2017)

Ivan Pupulidy PowerPoint

Enacting resilience in everyday practice steps along the journey [File Size: 9.32 MB] (09-March-2017)

Slides to support Garth Hunte Presentation March 9, 2017

Practical Resilience: Misapplication of Theory [File Size: 1,019.35 KB] (12-July-2017)



6th Resilient Health Care Meeting

For details about the 6th Resilient Health Care Meeting being hosted in Vanco