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Sam Sheps

Sam Sheps,



Sam Sheps is Professor with the School of Population and Public Health at the University of BC. Dr. Sheps is a health services researcher and was a member of the BC team collecting data for the Canadian Adverse Events Study. Other funded patient safety projects were: a Health Canada project assessing approaches to governance and safety in non-health industries; a Canadian Patient Safety Institute funded study on high reliability in healthcare; and more recently a Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (now the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement) funded research project that focused on building capacity to undertake critical incident investigation in healthcare settings, applying the concepts of Resilience Engineering; and has co-hosted a number of workshops examining the application of Resilience Engineering in healthcare.

Karen Cardiff

Karen Cardiff,



Karen Cardiff is a health services researcher with over a decade of experience in the area of patient safety research. She was a member of the BC team for the Canadian Adverse Events Study, and worked on a range of projects examining safety in high-risk industries and, more recently her interest has focused on the application of Resilience Engineering principles in healthcare. She is a member of the Resilient Health Care Net and the Resilience Engineering Association. She obtained her BScN from the University of British Columbia, an MHSc in Community Health and Epidemiology from University of Toronto and a MSc in Human Factors and System Safety, Lund University.


Advisory Committee

Rob Robson

Rob Robson,



Dr. Robson is the Principal Advisor for Healthcare System Safety and Accountability in Canada and recently served as the Chief Patient Safety Officer at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority for six years. Rob is a specialist emergency physician who continues to practice and is Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences of the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine. Rob is interested in trying to direct traffic at the tangled intersection of complexity science, conflict engagement, accountability, and patient safety.





Carolyn Canfield

Carolyn Canfield,


Carolyn Canfield is a citizen-patient collaborating with healthcare teams, patients, families and provider organizations in Canada to embed the patient voice in improvement processes. She champions patient expertise as the creativity driver for system transformation, aiming to fulfill the care excellence aspirations of clients and practitioners alike. Carolyn’s energetic full-time commitment arises from premature widowhood in 2008 following preventable harm.


Canadian Patient Safety Institute ,

BC Patient Safety and Quality Council

BC Patient Safety and Quality Council,




6th Resilient Health Care Meeting

For details about the 6th Resilient Health Care Meeting being hosted in Vanco