Applications of Resilience Engineering: Prevention of Medication Error Traps

April 21, 2016: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm PDT

Presenter: Wrae Hill

Applications of Resilience Engineering - Prevention of Medication Error Traps: Interagency Coordination to Anticipate and Prevent Medication Error Traps

From Loading Dock to Loading Dose: While clinician vigilance is crucial, it cannot be our only defense.

The Canadian drug supply chain is quite brittle, and there are hundreds of drug substitutions and backorders each year. This constant flux creates error traps for clinicians and patients. A recent prospective study showed that the risk of perioperative medication errors is much higher than previously thought (Anesthesiology 2016). Wrae Hill will present his experience in weaving the four principles of Resilience into a system safety challenge in interagency communication and coordination in the drug supply chain.

Wrae Hill is Manager, Human Factors and System Safety at Interior Health. He spent many years caring for patients as a Respiratory Therapist. In the last decade, Wrae has conducted Patient Safety work in the Interior of BC. Wrae is an MSc graduate in Human Factors and System Safety from the University of Lund (Sweden).




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