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The world of healthcare is perhaps the domain where Resilience Engineering has been received most warmly so far. The reason is probably that healthcare, unlike other domains such as aviation, petrochemical, and nuclear, has not had a tradition for safety management of its own. Indeed it is less than 14 years ago that safety issues became widely recognized with the publication of the Institute of Medicine report, "To Err is Human".


The Resilience Healthcare Learning Network is one example of the interest for Resilience Engineering in healthcare and developed out of several years of collaboration with the broader network of activity in the area, including the Resilience Engineering Association http://www.resilience-engineering-association.org and more recently the Resilient Health Care Net http://www.resilienthealthcare.net based in Denmark and which started its activity in 2012. 


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6th Resilient Health Care Meeting

For details about the 6th Resilient Health Care Meeting being hosted in Vanco